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Your business is taking care of your patients – not figuring out how to market to them. Today’s medical industry is more hyper-competitive than ever before – and marketing has evolved along with it. Thanks to the modern age of digital, your patients bounce back and forth across multiple devices – mobile, desktop, television – making it tougher than ever to track the true cost of acquiring a new patient.

Meanwhile, social media and online reviews have replaced traditional word-of-mouth. Who has the time to manage all that?

We’ll make sure new patients keep coming through your door, so you can focus on doing what you do best: giving those patients advanced diagnostic and comprehensive treatment.

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In our decades as travel and entertainment marketers, we’ve developed precise techniques for converting clicks into customers – and we’ve integrated those same systems to achieve real results for our medical clients. No one knows “perishable” inventory like us. If you don’t fill that waiting room today, you’re losing money. Years of perfecting our marketing strategies means you can rest assured we won’t let that happen.

Our experience has taught us that the most successful business owners make promises online then deliver on them in the real world with five-star service. Today’s medical industry winners have a strikingly similar approach.  As you know, you’re not selling tangible products; you’re offering deeply personal aid. Thus, your most effective patient acquisition tool is your reputation for patient satisfaction and comfort. When it comes to enhancing your reputation and getting the word out, we’ve developed precise techniques for turning online visitors into new patients. Doing so revolves around our four focus areas, which work together to drive conversation around your impeccable reputation.

Check out the four columns below and ask yourself how YOUR organization addresses these focal points. Then take the next step and give us a call. With firm dedication and comprehensive experience, we’ll dive right in and show you how we can help you reach new patients.


In this multi-platform digital world, how do you convert clicks into new patients? Digital marketing channels have endless possibilities. We bring together expertise in navigating SEO (search engine optimization) on engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, along with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and related techniques, to find and deliver patients into your physical locations – all while tracking and maximizing your ROI (return on investment).


You work hard to deliver best-in-class care. So it’s no wonder that your patients associate quality treatment every time they connect with a member of your team. But are the individual touches that make your practice strikingly unique reflected in your online reviews? Are you using Google and Yelp to turn your most enthusiastic patients into advocates? Do new patients find you when they search for you on Google Places (Local) or Yelp? Let us help you answer “yes!” to all those questions. We are skilled in turning current clientele into new patient growth.


HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requires you to keep precise digital records on every patient. Do you have an equally precise digital marketing system? Does your data platform support the full customer journey – and does it empower your staff to provide personalized patient service? We have the expertise to build a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that’s secure (in fact, HIPAA compliant) and integrative to help drive the ideal patient experience.


The best brands in the world leverage marketing to promote loyalty and brand engagement. Do you know how to keep your customers talking positively about you? How can you make sure you’re top-of-mind the next time your patients – or their neighbors – have a medical need? In travel marketing, they say, “Take care of the guest, and the rest takes care of itself.” We’ll use that same practical strategy as we partner with you on using technology to take the best possible care of your patients – so they’ll take care of singing your praises.


While we offer a full array of digital marketing services, we’ve also learned which specific services our medical clients find most helpful. That’s why we’ve sculpted our own offerings around a three-stage model. As you develop communication with your patients, these three tiers of tools will help you listen to them, learn from them, and encourage them to speak out about your brand.


In our most basic offering – and most common customer entry point – we focus on basic listening. We listen to your online review channels and social channels, and via our REVERB product, provide the tools to multiply your positive reviews.
  • Customized REVERB product
  • Review Alerts
  • Basic Support


Once we’ve listened to your patients, our second offering starts to segment some of the patient sentiment to build a more integrated customer (patient) journey, ultimately forging an even stronger relationship with your practice. To do this, we overlay the data component from the “Social” stage with patient profiles via CRM (customer relationship management) systems to centralize and track patient engagement across your practice – essentially, your brand.
  • SOCIAL Platform +
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Integration with Patient Managementt System
  • Patient Marketing Profiles
  • Level I Marketing Dashboards
  • Basic Analytics - Segmentation & Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Support


Ultimately, we bring our medical marketing experience to build out ways to support 360-degree engagement through an integrated patient-customer journey. Our premium offering focuses on increasing communication with your customers to convert the online Internet visitor into a patient who actually walks in the door. In the uber-competitive medical industry, it’s time to be proactive and always be one step ahead of the competition.
  • INTEGRATED Platform +
  • Review Management Platform
  • Search Marketing
  • Interactive Multi-channel Visualization Dashboards
  • Marketing Automation (Email) Platform
  • Triggered Email Campaigns
  • Advanced Analytics - Matching, Segmentation & Reporting
  • Collaborative Onsite Consulting Time


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