Improving Your Online Review Scores by Just One Star Can Boost Your Revenue by 10-20%.

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Patients being able to find you online is great, but the popularity of review sites means that managing your online reputation is a full-time job. Most organizations don’t have the personnel, but if you’re not managing it, negative reviews could be harming your revenue. By helping medical clients take control of their online reviews we’ve seen them increase patient volume by up to 15%.

You can’t remove bad reviews from review sites, but REVERB helps limit their impact. It’s an online review stimulator that makes it easier to monitor and manage reviews. It promotes positive reviews, and alerts you to unhappy patients. It works automatically, so you can focus on delivering your service. Start by getting your reviews for free above, and discover what patients are saying about you.

How our review monitoring tool can help you:

Grow your practice and deliver measurable revenue boosts

By focusing on improving online review scores we see a significant increase in revenue for our clients. In the majority of cases, this is within 3 months. Research shows that a rating increase of one star can mean up to 9% increase in your revenue. You handle the medicine and we’ll deliver new patients and more revenue quickly.


Improve your review scores and grab more stars

It’s unavoidable, but everyone will get an unhappy patient at one point or another. Unfortunately, just one unhappy review can seriously damage your reputation, as 86% of people say negative online reviews will affect their decision to use a service. You can never remove bad reviews but REVERB will intercept unhappy patients before they post.

Ensure your practice’s online reputation showcases your great service

Review site scores can be a little misleading. Unhappy patients are far more likely to enter reviews, leading to an unfair reflection on you. When 88% of the public now trust online reviews as much as friend’s recommendations, it’s important to redress the balance. You work hard to deliver best-in-class care, we’ll make sure that your online reviews reflect this.


Maintain data security

HIPAA requires you to keep precise, secure digital records on every patient. Do you have an equally precise and secure digital marketing system? We understand how important it is to keep your data HIPAA compliant, so you can rest easy.


Reputation management with no additional workload

REVERB works automatically and integrates with your existing setup, whatever you have in place. It’s review monitoring with no additional workload. Populate review sites without extra effort and you won’t worry about removing reviews again.

Get Better Reviews in 3 Steps


Patient is directed to a feedback form for collecting honest feedback


You are alerted to negative feedback before it becomes public


Positive reviewers are directed to review sites and encouraged to share their views

“33% improvement… in just 3 months”

“Digital Viscosity’s REVERB platform gave us a 33% improvement in our online rating scores in just 3 months. We’ve even seen a corresponding uplift in location volume. This is one of the most exciting partnerships we’ve ever formed!”

Emergency Medical Service Facility

REVERB targets all major review sites, including:

Can REVERB remove bad reviews on Yelp?

No service can remove reviews from review sites like Yelp, so any company that says they can isn’t being truthful. What REVERB does is limit future bad reviews and amplify new positive reviews. So you don’t need to remove bad reviews as the ones that are currently displayed will be crowded out by the new reviews, building a positive image of your business.

Need better reviews? Our review monitoring tool can get you there:

  •   Generates reviews on all major review sites (Yelp, Facebook, etc.)
  •   Encourages patients using sophisticated conversion techniques
  •   Intercepts negative reviews whilst amplifying positive reviews
  •   Increases your ratings within 60 days or your money back

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